Church Ceremonies

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With our vast range of apparel we can create the ceremony you have always imagined. We will create innovative unique designs to reflect your personality and style. Our stunning white and red carpet runners are sure to add that VIP feel to your wedding. We also provide beautiful backdrops to create that perfect stage.

For that little bit extra why not line your aisle with our 6ft votive candle holders with silver finish or our 5ft lanterns also finished in high polished silver. These items are the perfect height to allow your aisle to stand out even when your guests are standing. These are the perfect and safe solution for lining your aisle as the candle is enclosed ensuring safety for your guests and no wax dripping on the church floor.

We have many ideas for stunning pew end décor from flowers or greenery to luxurious bows we have something to please every taste and colour theme. To add an opulent touch to your ceremony we have 6ft, 5 armed candelabras with high polished silver finish we can team with stunning flower décor to add something unique to your day. We always use high quality non drip candles to ensure no dripping on church floors. To create that perfect welcome for your guests why not use our stunning topiary trees to create that perfect entrance. We can also theme with flowers or lanterns to suit. Its always important to create the perfect entrance for you and your guests

Designed for you…

  • Candelabras (Floor Standing)
  • Lanterns (Floor Standing)
  • Topiary Trees
  • Red Carpet Runner
  • White Carpet Runner
  • Hurricane lamps (Floor Standing)
  • Candle Decoration
  • Wedding Arch